First Library of Congress Certified Literary Braille Transcriber
The AccessText Network welcomes three new member publishers!
AMAC Accessibility  Department Head selected to participate at 8th International Conference on ICT, Society and Human Beings (ICT 2015)
US Secretary of Education discusses AMAC's CAMI grant during Georgia Tech's 2015 Commencement address.
Information Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility Course coming soon!
USG Data Collection Application

AMAC Accessibility provides practical solutions for real challenges faced daily by individuals with disabilities. AMAC offers corporate, governmental and nonprofit memberships for services, including disability compliance consultation, braille, captioning, accessible digital content and assistive technology. Our services are affordable, ensuring your environments become and remain accessible.

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AMAC's highly skilled production team creates textbooks, journals, brochures, and workplace operating manuals in a variety of accessible electronic formats. Whether it's PDF, DOC, DAISY, or HTML, our "produce-once, use-many" model helps keep cost down.

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Guy Toles and Randy Davis

AMAC is leading the way in providing timely, cost-effective, high-quality electronic and embossed Braille and tactile graphics, thanks to the AMAC customization and "produce-once, use-many" reuse model, and innovative partnerships like the PROFITT prison braille program.

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Whether it's live audio content like lectures, speeches and seminars, or recorded audio content like videos and podcasts, AMAC provides a full range of affordable, user-friendly captioning services to help make your classrooms, meetings, labs and other audio environments fully accessible for students, employees and clients who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

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Audio Description involves the accessibility of visual images present in various forms of multimedia (and other content) for individuals who are blind or have visual impairments. AMAC Accessibility can help turn your videos and multimedia that have important visual content into fully accessible, described media. By adding vivid, succinct, and objective narrated descriptions of prescient visual content between existing sounds and dialogue, we can help ensure that blind and visually impaired persons experience what sighted individuals take for granted.

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AMAC's certified assistive technology team provides assessments, demonstrations, training and technical assistance for education, work, and daily living. Whether it's text-to-speech software to access a digital textbook or training on an augmentative communication device, AMAC AT has you covered.

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AMAC Accessibility Compliance services provides members with consultation, training and technical assistance on a variety of services separate from our E-text, Audio, Braille, and captioning services.

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SAM is the Student Accommodation Manager, a secure, web-based database application that helps postsecondary Disability Service offices manage student accommodation and disability data, case notes, and much more.

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Meet the AMAC accessibility movers and changers

Daphne Brookins

Melissa Pavo-Zehr

AT Funding & Resource Specialist

Braille Specialist

Daphne Brookins

Daphne Brookins is the Credit-Able Consumer Liaison with Tools for Life Program. Before joining Credit-Able, she served over 10 years at Emory University in the Sociology Department.

Melissa Pavo-Zehr

When Melissa is not studying UEB, Nemeth or Foreign Language braille codes, she regularly engages in volleyball, cooking, and enjoying life with friends and family.

Michelle Breaud

Rachel Wilson

E-Text Accessibility Specialist

TechMatch Specialist

Michelle Breaud

Michelle Breaud works in the Production department of AMAC as a Digital Media Specialist where she helps convert textbooks into different forms of media and helps process new orders. She started working for AMAC in 2012. Michelle earned a bachelor's degree from Georgia State University.

Rachel Wilson

Striving to provide people the greatest quality and function of life, while maintaining an inclusive and optimistic approach with any given challenges.