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Search our catalog of textbooks and print materials that have been transcribed to braille.

Below is a list of textbooks that are frequently ordered within the braille repository:

AMAC Book # ISBN Title
A003290 9780136007319 Beginning and Intermediate Algebra
A003081 9780471748366 Webster's New World Concise Spanish Dictionary
A001156 9780321442338 Beginning and Intermediate Algebra
A014986 9780538735506 Calculus: Early Transcendental Functions
A011989 9780321564962 Elementary Statistics Using Excel
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The Alternative Media Access Center (AMAC) Braille Services offers timely, cost effective, high quality braille products, which include transcription, embossing, and the creation of tactile graphics to its customers through its membership program and on a fee for service basis. Working with cutting edge technology, Library of Congress certified staff specializes in literary, computer, foreign language, math, music, and Nemeth code transcription.

AMAC Braille Services is able to produce customized projects to best suit your need, including partial books and chapters or graphics only from both print materials and electronic text.


AMAC Braille Services provides braille conversion to member at a discounted rate of up to 25% off the full price of the order, based on the membership level. When a student requests and is provided textbooks and course materials in braille it promotes equal access to the student's educational pursuits and ensures that the student is able to read, study, and take exams alongside their sighted colleagues.

Due to a legislative grant to support the provision of braille for post-secondary students, AMAC Braille Services provides all postsecondary tests and exams to its USG and Deluxe member institution without charge. State and National standardized tests are available to be transcribed as a fee for service.

AMAC Braille Services has catalog of textbooks and print materials that have been transcribed into braille. A request for braille materials that exists in our catalog provides additional savings to your institution beyond the discounted member rate. Search our catalog for products that have been transcribed into braille.

Fee for Service

Braille transcription services are available to non-member customers on a for services basis. AMAC Braille Services works with customers in both the private and public sector on an "as needed" basis to assist in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act provisions by providing requested braille materials.

Individuals who are blind or have a visual impairment may purchase many types of print materials, examples include:

Advertisements Employee Safety Materials
Annual Report Labels
Books Meeting Minutes
Brochures Office Policies and Procedures
Conference Materials Restaurant Menus
Contracts Signage
Directories Training Materials


Upon request for braille transcription, AMAC Braille Services will examine print materials, assess transcription requirements and provide an estimate quote for the cost of the service. In many cases a copy of the book or print materials will need to be sent or purchased through AMAC in order to provide an accurate quote on the transcription service. Once the quote is accepted, Braille Services staff will provide you with the expected production date and discuss preferred method of delivery.


AMAC Braille Services' Library of Congress certified transcribers have produced braille nationwide for an array of customers including, K-12 and postsecondary educational institutions, organizations, government entities and corporations in the consumer, labeling, packaging, and publishing industries.

Whatever your need for braille transcription, AMAC Braille Services aims to meet your request. Our professional and responsive staff is ready to assist you; you can trust that you'll be provided the highest quality braille transcription.