AMAC is the one organization
integrating a full range of
technology and services into
easy, timely, cost-effective
accessibility solutions that
really work.

Tessa Greenleaf
Martha Rust displaying assistive technology keyboard
Guy Toles displaying braille
Making tactile graphic
Dawn Evans
Captioning student in front of school

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Meet the AMAC Accessibility Movers and Changers

Samuel M Creech

Samuel M Creech

Assistive Technology Specialist

Sam's philosophy of making things in life, via community living, recreation and education, accessible for people with disabilities aligns perfectly with AMAC. He was an Information Technology Director at the Center for Independent Living. Upon receiving his Master's Degree in Cognitive and Behavioral Disabilities, he decided that he wanted to be more involved with the outstanding work that AMAC/TFL are doing. He was hired as an Assistive Technology (AT) Specialist with a focus on alternative communication and post-secondary transitioning for Tools for Life.